Korean Association for Disability and Oral Health

President Young J KIM
Hello? I am Professor Young J KIM, the 9th president of the Korean Association of Disability and Oral Health.

KADH has been founded in 2004 since Professor Keung-Ho Lee was elected as the first president. It has been flourished since then with commitment of all members.

Eleven regional dental care centers for the special needs has been established across the country including the Seoul Dental Hospital for the Disabled. Along with the publication of textbooks for the dental students, we have published guidebooks for dental treatment for the disabled in cooperation with Smile foundation. By publishing a recently revised edition, various attempts were made to improve the oral health of the disabled.

We hold academic conference bi-annually and it is a great place of academic and cultural exchanges with people from around the world. In 2024, the iADH conference will be held in Seoul. It will be a good opportunity to exchanges ideas and meet our colleagues and find out up-to-date industry.

We ask for your active participation and cooperation.

Thank you.