Korean Association for Disability and Oral Health

Abstract Submission Guidelines

1. Abstract format

Write a brief summary of the presentation title, presenter affiliation, presenter name, keywords, and presentation content in English within 1 sheet of A4 paper.

2. Abstract Submission

Send free presentation application and abstract by email (qna@smilefund.org)

Poster Presentation Application form
  • Manuscript Title:
  • Authors’ name:
  • Author's affiliation:
  • Presenter’s name:
  • Presenter’s Affiliation:
  • Presenter Contact
    - Mobile phone:
    - Email:
Abstract form
  • Presentation title:
  • Authors’ name:
  • Author's affiliation:
  • Presentation abstract:
  • Key words:
3. Presentation format in case of poster presentation

Poster size (80cm (W) X 160cm (H))